Why desi weddings drive me mad

Dear diary I LOVE WEDDINGS. The atmosphere, meeting with others and the delightful wedding vibes. I have always been a guest and never hosted a wedding so it's all fun for me. But have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes at a desi wedding?? The stress, the money, the fuss...it's what the wedding... Continue Reading →


Forget me not

Dear diary Last night I watched a movie called Still Alice and I just couldn't hold back my tears. It just broke my heart. The movie is about a bright intelligent linguistics professor at Columbia university who is diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer's disease at the age of 50. So she slowly starts forgetting... Continue Reading →

Dear future husband 

According to my insta status I am currently in love with French vanilla coffee and carrot cake but don't worry when you come along I'll make space for you in my heart.  Marrying me is like marrying four different types of woman - the long distance runner, the ambitious Economics student, the shy princess and... Continue Reading →

My take on work life 

Dear diary This summer my friend landed an internship with an engineering company for 1 month and it's paid. I thought that it's awesome. But she says that all she does is stare at a computer screen from 8 to 5. The company has blocked all social networking sites so she used to kill time... Continue Reading →

Judging others

Dear diary Let me tell you about hajra. She visited Dubai with her mom and brother for 3 days. Before meeting her this is what I thought she was like: she went to university of Manchester but then her granny said that she wasted one year and went to another university in Scotland. So then... Continue Reading →

Forever Strong💕

Dear diary  Last night I watched this short film called power of love. I watched it twice and I couldn't hold back my tears. It's the most beautiful video I've ever watched. It's about this woman who is really devoted to her husband and then she starts losing her sight until she becomes blind. She... Continue Reading →

My daughter will take care of me

Dear diary There are many views held by my dear Pakistani society that I do not agree with to an extent. One such view is that women cannot be financially independent and have to depend on men for money and expenses. Men such as your father, brother, husband or son. This last category of men-... Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror on the wall

 Dear diary I go bonkers when women describe the type of girl they want for their son. I've heard the criteria from one of my mom's telephone conversations and this same criteria is instilled in the minds of people through Pakistani dramas. ' the girl should be super slim, very fair, long pretty hair and... Continue Reading →

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